Become an Aqua Burns Ambassador!
Surely You're Utterly Sick And Tired Of Going It Alone By Now? Would You Like To Join A Team Of Like Minded Yogis...
Who Love Aqua Burns 
You can increase engagement and gain more followers who are interested in your yoga journey by becoming an Aqua Burns Ambassador.
Become an Aqua Burns Ambassador 
Get Your Personal Coupon Code For You and Your Followers 
Host Challenges With Like Minded Yogis And Have A Sponsor Who Cares 
Gain Access To Your Own Personal Designer and Stylist
Aqua Burns Ambassadors  have seen their profiles increase substantially over the last two years. 

With increased engagement by followers who participate, liking and commenting on their journey, joining challenges and going on yoga retreats they organise.

Over the past two years Aqua Burns Ambassadors have found a place to tell their own stories and gain genuine followers. By participating in challenges, running giveaways and organising yoga retreats 
our yogis are forming a community of integrity and genuinely nice people.
(Nasty people aren't allowed! LOL)
And right now, we're looking for more Ambassadors to Join the Aqua Burns Ambassador Program!

Wearing beautiful yoga outfits really does make a difference!
becoming An Aqua Burns ambassador WILL change everything!
Your IG yoga journey will be transformed. Your followers be more engaged  than  ever before. You will have support on your yoga journey from an international brand who really cares.

Here's how it works...
Our Ambassadors Agreement is Non Binding and can be cancelled by either party at any time. 
The benefits are Discount Coupons for You and Your Followers.
30% for You and 15% for Your Followers.
Access to Sponsorship for your challenges and giveaways.
Entry into a community of like minded people.

Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
"I knew when I saw the colorful designs that I wanted to be in collaboration with Aquaburns, what I didn’t know was how they would make me feel when I put them on. When I wear them I feel stronger, more colorful and even sassier and sexier in my body. The compliments I receive when I wear Aquaburns is heartwarming, to say the least." 
Sashaba - @thisgoatslife
"When I wear aquaburns, I feel great! I get a lot of compliments from clients and coworkers when I rock them (I am a fitness instructor) and my pictures wearing aquaburns get more likes and more comments!"
Mara D - @piccolayogini
"My yoga journey reminds me of my uniqueness and beauty, and wearing my Aqua Burns reflects that journey." Maggie
Margaret - @magpi60
"Absolutely LOVE being in Aquaburns team! Great people to connect with, wonderful feedback, superfun to work with and collab! Not to mention the awesome unique prints and amazing quality yoga clothes! Love it!"
Bojana - @bojanachasingthesun
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  •  30% Coupon Code for Yourself to use on all Aqua Burns products.
  • 15% Coupon Code for Yourself to use on all Aqua Burns products.
  •  Special Offers with increased discounts for You and Your Followers throughout the year.
  •  Access to a great community of yogis
We're giving away a 40% Discount Coupon On Our High Performance Yoga Leggings  to the First 200 Yogis who Join Aqua Burns Ambassador Program...That's a massive saving!
You'd actually be crazy not to;)

We'll Send Your
40% Off Coupon!

So, what happens if you don't want to continue?
That's no problem. We understand that Aqua Burns doesn't suit everyone, and that life is a journey.
That's why the Agreement is non binding and there are no purchasing requirements.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes, if you don't love your clothes or you order the wrong size by mistake we will send you the correct size or refund your order.
We just ask that you send your clothes on to another Ambassador who will love them.
Aqua Burns has a mission of no waste, that's why we don't mass produce our products and everything is made to order.
Rather than send your return items to landfill like many brands, we ask you to ship the unwanted products onto someone who does want them and understands that they are return items.
We don't sell used clothes as new!!!
What’s next?
If you would like to get to know Aqua Burns better before signing up please follow us @aquaburns on Instagram
That's where we hang out with our Ambassadors!
There is no obligation to join when you ask to read the Agreement.
And No Obligation if you are one of the 200 Yogis who receive the 40% OFF COUPON
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Can I Leave At Anytime FAQ's?
Yes, of course, our Agreement is non binding so that if either of us is not satisfied with the arrangement we can part ways amicably, with no complications. No explanation needed, just email and let us know you want to leave so that we take you off the Ambassador mailing list and delete your Agreement.

Can I Return Products If I'm Not Happy FAQ's?
Yes, just contact us at and we will work with you to make sure you are happy.

Where Are Aqua Burns Yoga Outfits Made FAQ's?
We have manufacturers in Latvia, California and Mexico.

Are Aqua Burns Yoga Outfits Eco FAQ's?
Yes, our yoga fabric is printed using no water. The print is only created in the shape of the garment you order plus 1/2 inch for cutting away from the seam. Reducing waste and not adding to the pollution of rivers and waterways like most fabric printing.

Do I have to pay duties and Taxes on top of the purchase price FAQ's?
Not on Yoga Clothes for the following; 
All orders from Ambassadors from European Union Countries, USA and Australia have the duties and taxes included in the price.

Are My Yoga Outfits Made By Adults Earning A Fair Wage FAQ's?
Yes, our manufacturers of yoga clothes in Latvia, California and Mexico are all Fair Trade.

Manufacturing and Shipping FAQ's?

We have different manufacturers around the world. 
Our Latvian Manufacturer makes and ships our;

Yoga Leggings
Yoga Shorts
Yoga Capri
Sports Bras
Crop Tops
Kids Leggings
Youth Leggings
Men's Leggings
Beach Towels

VAT and Duty are included in the price for European Union Countries, USA and Australia only.

*All other countries or products will incur duties and taxes on delivery.

Hi, My name is Stephanie Burns and I am the 
Owner, Artist and Designer at Aqua Burns
As you can see from the pic above my paintings are the basis of the designs created for the different collections at Aqua Burns.
The colors change each with each season and new creations are born from new paintings.

I have been a professional artist for thirty five years. My work has been exhibited in Galleries and Art Fairs around the world since 1990.

I trained in The UK and in Australia. I am a dual national of both countries. I was born in Australia and my father was English. In 1984 I married an Englishman and moved to the UK permanently for 12 years and then returned to Australia. Both my children and Grandchildren are were born in the UK.

My husband was one of England's leading art critics and art philosopher, sadly he died in 1990. When we met it was a merging of minds in art and design.

My Stepdaughter is a designer and my granddaughter also has the talent. She is a bit young yet to say where her passion in life will lie but she already creates designs and has sewn her first dress for herself.

If you look closely at the designs you will see how carefully placed the patterns are and how meticulous I am with color.
I bring that same detail and care to understanding the needs of yogis. For your practice and your daily life. Everything is considered and thought through.

Very often Aqua Burns Ambassadors are asked to report back on products and give their valued opinion on the usability and practicality of the products.

If you would like to become a part of this very small but growing team please click the link and fill out your details.

I will then send you the Ambassadors Agreement to read and access if you think you are a good fit for Aqua Burns.

You need to be 
1. Good at yoga
2. Have an Instagram account dedicated to yoga, wellness or       empowering women
3. Friendly and interested in self improvement
4. Dedicated to your Followers
5. Dedicated to your message and how you wish to improve the world
6. Love Aqua Burns and want to be involved with the other yogis

Politeness and love are very important to me. I am very protective of the team and take my role as a mentor very seriously. We are all courteous and supportive of each other at all times.
  • Wear Art: All Our Products are designed from paintings by Stephanie Burns
  • Feature: Truely unique and original
  • For Yogis: A Team of Like Minded Yogis who want Beautiful High Performance Yoga Clothes loved by Yogis around the world
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